30 March 2003

i wish to write about bola, my stupid cat whom went all the way from being an abused homo cat to become a dominant male cat in the neighborhood... i wish to write about the day i feel most as an indonesian, living in the country where things that happen seems to be surrealist... feels like living in a novel or mahabarata comics...

but no...

i have no energy...

i'm still weeping for the iraqi people...

still on this akward condition.. on denial of how faith of the people who lives is being tested from time to time, like living from one storm to another..

27 March 2003

si aip had two weeks without d internet...

hmm.. 4 violations.. with 2 for acceptable reasons while another 2 are just proofs that no matter how hard he tries, avoiding tcp/ip is simply unrealistic...

now there is a war going on. more death, or collateral damage as they say... hang on to your butt, brother... there are more wars coming in...

and democracy is dead.. [indications] slaughtered by the corporate intention behind it, and also simply because democracy rely on the people, while by using deliberate disinformation they become clueless, or stupid...

talking about clueless, how about you, ndi?.. do you prefer to be clueless, or paranoid?...

i suspect sanity is a certain spot between those two places, ip...

but finding that spot drive you nuts, ain't it? :)

13 March 2003

due to being sick and tired of da web, si aip thereby vow not to use the internet except for office email for two weeks starts from today..

12 March 2003

megalomaniac... world domination... end of days is near.. year 2050... or 2500?.. considering the inevitables... us domination, with the possibilities of having overheated atmosphere which may leads to another ice-age, both options will leads to the raise of sea level... which i think would happen within that same time frame...

if i have some money i'll move to a higher ground and teach my kids on how to cultivate their own food...

i think i'm overly paranoid right now... gotta switch to work mode...


10 March 2003

berangkat ngantor 15 menit lebih awal, dan efeknya sampe kantor 30 menit lebih awal... segitu jauh bedanye..

hmm... novizki malah punya contoh lebih gawat lagi... kalo dari bintaro berangkat jam 6:15, sampe pancoran jam 8:30... kalo berangkat 30 menit lebih awal (5:45), sampe pancoran jam 7:15...

dude... kalo dipikir-pikir, di jkt gini sehari rata-rata duduk di belakang kemudi itu sekitar 3 jam-an... no wonder si noviz rela spend millions buat ngebenerin sound system di mobilnya...

anyway, dapet forward-an dari zainal yg menurut gue quite funny :

  • "what we need is less people running around and telling everyone else what to do and more people actually writing code." -- linus torvalds [anti-management banget :) ]
  • progasm: the feeling you get when your code works the first time... [hmm.. kalo compilernya turbo assembler dan file sourcenya org.asm, mungkin iya ;) ]
  • all programmers are optimists. perhaps this modern sorcery especially attracts those who believe in happy endings and fairy godmothers. perhaps the hundreds of nitty frustrations drive away all but those who habitually focus on the end goal. perhaps it is merely that computers are young, programmers are younger, and the young are always optimists. but however the selection process works, the result is indisputable: "this time it will surely run," or "i just found the last bug." --frederick brooks, jr., the mythical man month [and programmers who have found out that truth will be promoted to be a project manager :P ]
  • how does a project get to be a year late? ... one day at a time. --frederick brooks, jr.
  • a conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. --anon [duh!]
  • a slower system is better than an incorrect one. --mark diekhans [how about slow and often-need-a-reboot-os ? ;) ]
  • ...one of the main causes of the fall of the roman empire was that, lacking zero, they had no way to indicate successful termination of their c programs. --robert firth [argh.. i give up.. i dont understand this one]
  • any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo --andy finkel [lol!!!]
  • if computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee... that will do them in. --bradley's bromide [dang.. 2 to 0]
  • debugging is anticipated with distaste, performed with reluctance, and bragged about forever. --button at the boston computer museum
  • for every problem there is one solution which is simple, neat, and wrong. --h. l. mencken
  • ignorance simplifies any problem. --r. lucke
  • if the code and the comments disagree, then both are probably wrong --norm schryer [o man, pls.. my stomach is hurt from too much laughing x) ]
  • never put off until run time what you can do at compile time. --david gries, in "compiler construction for digital computers"
  • reliable software must kill people reliably. --andy mickel [hmm.. who codes for laser guides on gbu bombs?]
  • the most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled with judiciously placed print statements. --brian kernighan (1978) [dude...]
  • the most important question when any new computer architecture is introduced is 'so what?' --someone in comp.arch
  • though a program be but three lines long, someday it will have to be maintained. -the tao of programming
  • laws of computer programming :

    • any given program, when running, is obsolete.
    • any given program costs more and takes longer.
    • if a program is useful, it will have to be changed.
    • if a program is useless, it will have to be documented.
    • any given program will expand to fill all available memory.
    • the value of a program is proportional to the weight of its output.
    • program complexity grows until it exceeds the capability of the programmer who must maintain it.
    • make it possible for programmers to write programs in english, and you will find that programmers cannot write in english.

  • on a clear disk you can seek forever
  • unix was never designed to keep people from doing stupid things, because that policy would also keep them from doing clever things. --doug gwyn
  • weekends were made for programming. --karl lehenbauer [thank god those days are over for me...]

that same email stated that it's very easy to shoot yourself in the foot using assembly language.. i dont know what that means, but if my assumption is right i guess a code like this will do :
mov ax, 0000
push ax
mov ax, ffff
push ax

09 March 2003

what's this all about with black belt and six sigma?

is it a cult name?.. or self defense method like karate? :P

06 March 2003

america, as an empire.. while the people and the govt. are uncomfortable with the word empire/imperialism/imperialist, but assosiating those words onto what us doing and her attitude is somehow make sense...

dari kasus ayam dari us [yang entah pengolahannya halal atau tidak].. down to this detailed chronology on 1991 sanction on iraq...

it hurts to remember what madeline albright said on tv years ago regarding embargo on iraq... half a million iraqi children died because of the sanction... and that price is worth it...


dude, everyone's life matters... and even one life does matter... for example; yours... [unless you are being suicidal right now :)]

04 March 2003

at this very moment, two third of iraqis land has already been occupied.. and as us and few of his allies eagerly trying to acquire the rest, i am convinced that babylon land is already fallen.. in a more dignitive way compared to the fall of arabia [lured by oil's dollars, imho]..

i believe after iraq is fallen, syria will follow... and later, persia. syria may fall by using force [terrorism related issue may/will be raised against it, most probably by connecting the dots down to palestinian freedom fighters].. while iran will resist in a much harder way [hard, but as borg always says.. resistance is futile]... and at the end of the day, those debris of ancient kingdoms will be under us control.. as regions of us protectorates...

setelah itu apa?

setelah secara militer jatuh, ekonomi jatuh, infiltrasi pax americana akan masuk melalui pintu sosial dan budaya.. for which, i strongly believe unavoidably irresistably will succeed [if we are looking for examples, try comparing indonesia with malaysia... or bosnia.. --'american assumptions were simple: understanding is not required, only obedience; and there is no problem that a large amount of money can’t solve'... and to look ath the impact for the society in a long run, look at what had happened to arab saudi during last several decades]

since there's no other major military power to stand us, i believe this pax americana will rule and prevail for some certain times thruout the future... europe sooner or later will fall again... but this is not to the third reich, but sadly to d us..

the only thing that i'm sure may bring down this pax americana a.k.a.'freedom' a.k.a. global capitalism is the flaw within it self...

odek once spit out his opinion that western culture (covering down from daily interaction upto religion) is very well accepted thruout de globe for its ability to be adaptive to the local implementation need.. the society can change anything as long as its done thru one process called democracy.. and i think that's the core of what so-called as 'freedom' within the culture..

imho, the flaw is raised by the abuse of the democracy process itself.. abuse caused from money and greed...

as an example, i'll look at the risk us govt. is willing to take with the $300 billion deficit next year [with i assume was taken with assumptions that possible future income to compensate from years to come after this 'anti-terror-war' is finished.. whenever that finish-time may be]... by taking that gigantic risk, us better make sure that the target [iraq in this context] will be acquired within the defined time frame... and the greed that i'm reffering now is in acquiring this target, us would do things which in essence is violating their own culture values, and within this context, the abuse is when us is offering turkey some billions $ for turkey's permission on using their land in acquiring iraq... and the greed is the turkey's official final acceptance to the offer to be able to get the money, even thou their parliament a.k.a their society already reject such idea...

so everytime this kind of hipocricy happens more often and getting on a bigger proportions each time, there will come a time for this so called democracy has to decide.. to choose between itself and money/greed/power, and as for that we already know which one(s) will prevail...

oderint, dum metuant: let them hate, so long as they fear (a favorite saying of caligula)