25 September 2008


nice 404 poetry here.

btw, happy birthday vee.

24 September 2008


thanks to roy suryo, angka 68% menjadi angka keramat di jagad maya.

sebetulnya dari mana sih angka tersebut? did roy just pull that number out of his *ss?

nope, asalnya ada dari sini

22 September 2008

Work Offer Fraud

It seems that Nigerian 419 scams has been raised one level. They are somehow harvesting victim data from some employment board. Which board? I dunno yet, because the samples I am receiving are very limited.

Here you go...

04 September 2008

Buku Pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia SD Kelas 1 Catur Wulan 1

The most sacred book (for anak SD kelas 1.. apalagi yang belum bisa baca... the holiest of the holy).. hehehe

01 September 2008