26 February 2002

women are meant to be loved, not to be understood. (oscar wilde)
i tought i would never find that thing called 'edifact' again... kan its a new era.. ye gak, ndi?.. era market place, xml based, full of web services...

tapi ternyata... benda edi itu masih ada nafasnya.. debadv blah!.. c'monnn... kok itu lagi sih?... udah cukup kalih menggauli benda itu di proyek bnga..

but on the other hand, untung si boss ngasih angin buat masukin benda edi itu ke sap... hmmmmm... bisa minta training nggak ya?...

ngimpiii lu, ip.. x)
i like money.. its not everything, but surely money can make life a bit easier (a bit easier, and possibly a lot hell more complicated.. hehehe)... punya duit memang enak.. ya nggak, ndi?... apalagi boleh ngutang.. hehehehe... }8) ... that's why gue selama ini insist untuk tetap keep dua kartu kredit.. one for regular billing, and one other for 'rainy days'...

but i have to admit it, ndi... i'm not a discipline person... i tend to use those card to cash, but i often pay the bill late.. late charges is almost always there on the credit statement... i guess those banks love me because of it.. heheheh :P ...

and today, after i wrecked one of my card (because it failed me the day i need it the most.. i simply folded it into four, render it unusable), they just simply send me a new one..

darn, ndi.. the new one is on front of me right now... somehow i feel like being destined to be a good spender... kekekeh x")

seriously, i wish to keep this card after all.. but on neng's purse aja deh... much much safer for my saving account.. hahahahaha
last weekend adalah pun libur tiga hari, ndi... ajaib juga rasanya, bisa 'libur' lama.. hehe.. yippeeee!!!!.. basically doing nothing, karena neng demam dan mesti antar dia ke omni. poor her... padahal mestinya jalan-jalan ke tangerang.. ketemu babeh..

dan poor babeh juga.. udah nyiapin hari buat jalan-jalan bareng sama anak bangs*tnya dan mantu cantiknya... eh, si mantunya malah sakit...

untung si babeh nggak kecewa, ndi... di telpon dia cuma titip pesen supaya neng cepat sembuh.. "sehat itu kado paling berharga, ip"... duh babeh, gue somehow malah feel guilty even more, ndi..


20 February 2002

hari yang geblek at work ini hari, ndi

"why" you might ask..

one task given to me by jurangan, requires me to create an apps that have an access to 'da sql server'.. a task which should've been easy, except for none of my co-workers would give me the script to do just that.. aint that stu or what, ndi?

"poor you, ip" said andi with a trying-to-be-sympathetic face :)

no worry, ndi.. 10 minutes exploring the intranet, 5 minutes searching on google and another 5 minutes examining this stuff, voila!... not only the script got revealed, but system administrator password for 'da sql server' also shown easily..

so ndi, tell me, aint these bunch of it people just plain stu or what?

"nyengir aja lah, ip.. dan abis itu makan siang... that's the most appropriate thing to do right now.. hehe.."

19 February 2002

kutu at kupret dot com dah mati...
tapi arief at icph or id hidup lagi.. (si aip kesenengan tuh x)
btw, email aktif si aip lumayan banyak juga ya
ariefwn at bigfoot dot com.. ketabrak at bemo or id..
(yang hotmail dot com dia nggak hitung, junk semua sih isinya)

13 February 2002

dari dahoeloe sampai sekarang, lagu ini masih aja enak untuk didengar...

07 February 2002

  1. Do not touch or attempt to touch a UFO that has landed. Passing through the Earth's atmosphere the skin of the craft will be hot. There is also a possibility of radiation. There is also a chance of steam being produced from the heated hull at the landing site.

  2. Do not stand under a hovering UFO at low altitude. There is a possibility of radiation danger.

  3. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT ALIENS if they appear, any movement on your part may constitute an act of aggression. If possible, back away VERY slowly. Make no gestures what so ever.

  4. If possible note the time and take a photograph if possible. Note the shape and size of the craft, use nearby objects for a size comparison.

  5. Do not touch any artifact from an alien spacecraft, the artifact may be dangerous, leave this to the authorites.

  6. Get away from the area QUICKLY. Inform the local authorites or the military.

06 February 2002

"the man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. the man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been." (alan ashley-pitt)

05 February 2002

"makin banyak isu dan banyak orang takut .. jalan-jalan di jkt makin .. lempeeenggg :))" (aris permana)

temen si aip di kampus, ndi... jadi lo pasti gak kenal

"ex-lovers make the best friends, it is said, as truly as ex-friends make the best lovers" (noname)

true.. so f****** true... :)

04 February 2002

lele just email me.. asking me to call ens... what's up, sih?
just called ens... it turns out ternyata 'pi' nawarin open position buat programmer lagi... the exact position which i left three years ago..

kerjaan gue sekarang emang desperately boring.. tapi apa bisa gue pindah?.. baru sekian bulan gue disini.. etis gak sih? *** deep thinking mode enabled ***
episode #10004

senin pagi.. hari pertama neng kerja.. hip hip hurray!!...

jam 06:00am sharp. ding!.. tv menyala sesuai dengan timer yang dah aip set semalem..

mandiiiiiiiiiiii... it's a new day!!! it's a new life!!!...

"do your part, baby.. move the world!.."

01 February 2002

"without love, intelligence is dangerous.... without intelligence, love is not enough." (ashley montagu)