21 March 2002

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d*rn... :(

20 March 2002

pagi pagi si aip nganter neng ke kantornya.. masuk jalur 3in1 lewat jalur parkir satu gedung di thamrin.. well, seribu perak aja bayarnya ya ip?... "neng refused to take a joki.. not comfortable dia bilang, ndi"..

kemarin ini mobil baru dibawa ke mas dauri.. cek master rem, roda dan selang di delco... hasil akhirnya: ganti kanvas rem dua roda depan...

selepas thamrin, mobil terasa makin berat.. si aip drop neng di kantornya dan ke kantor mo lewat tendean... dan di blok s plussh.. out of the blue ada asap keluar dari ban kanan...

dan si aip pun minggir di tepi jalan sambil menyirami kanvas remnya yang jammed dengan satu botol aqua...

aqua itu lebih mahal dari bensin, tapi si aip rela menyiram kanvasnya dengan aqua instead of bensin..
what's wrong with blogger sih?

"unable to open stream to ftp.wiena.net" terus saat mo publish...

yang rese' bloggernya apa link ke hosting gue ya?

18 March 2002

published on tuesday, february 26, 2002 by common dreams
a prayer for america
by us rep dennis kucinich

the following speech was given on february 17, 2002 in los angeles, california at an event sponsored by the southern california americans for democratic action.
i offer these brief remarks today as a prayer for our country, with love of democracy, as a celebration of our country. with love for our country. with hope for our country. with a belief that the light of freedom cannot be extinguished as long as it is inside of us. with a belief that freedom rings resoundingly in a democracy each time we speak freely. with the understanding that freedom stirs the human heart and fear stills it. with the belief that a free people cannot walk in fear and faith at the same time.

with the understanding that there is a deeper truth expressed in the unity of the united states. that implicit in the union of our country is the union of all people. that all people are essentially one. that the world is interconnected not only on the material level of economics, trade, communication, and transportation, but innerconnected through human consciousness, through the human heart, through the heart of the world, through the simply expressed impulse and yearning to be and to breathe free.

i offer this prayer for america.

let us pray that our nation will remember that the unfolding of the promise of democracy in our nation paralleled the striving for civil rights. that is why we must challenge the rationale of the patriot act. we must ask why should america put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?

how can we justify in effect canceling the first amendment and the right of free speech, the right to peaceably assemble?

how can we justify in effect canceling the fourth amendment, probable cause, the prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure?

how can we justify in effect canceling the fifth amendment, nullifying due process, and allowing for indefinite incarceration without a trial?

how can we justify in effect canceling the sixth amendment, the right to prompt and public trial?

how can we justify in effect canceling the eighth amendment which protects against cruel and unusual punishment?

we cannot justify widespread wiretaps and internet surveillance without judicial supervision, let alone with it.

we cannot justify secret searches without a warrant.

we cannot justify giving the attorney general the ability to designate domestic terror groups.

we cannot justify giving the fbi total access to any type of data which may exist in any system anywhere such as medical records and financial records.

we cannot justify giving the cia the ability to target people in this country for intelligence surveillance.

we cannot justify a government which takes from the people our right to privacy and then assumes for its own operations a right to total secrecy.

the attorney general recently covered up a statue of lady justice showing her bosom as if to underscore there is no danger of justice exposing herself at this time, before this administration.

let us pray that our nation's leaders will not be overcome with fear. because today there is great fear in our great capitol. and this must be understood before we can ask about the shortcomings of congress in the current environment.

the great fear began when we had to evacuate the capitol on september 11.

it continued when we had to leave the capitol again when a bomb scare occurred as members were pressing the cia during a secret briefing.

it continued when we abandoned washington when anthrax, possibly from a government lab, arrived in the mail.

it continued when the attorney general declared a nationwide terror alert and then the administration brought the destructive patriot bill to the floor of the house.

it continued in the release of the bin laden tapes at the same time the president was announcing the withdrawal from the abm treaty.

it remains present in the cordoning off of the capitol.

it is present in the camouflaged armed national guardsmen who greet members of congress each day we enter the capitol campus.

it is present in the labyrinth of concrete barriers through which we must pass each time we go to vote.

the trappings of a state of siege trap us in a state of fear, ill-equipped to deal with the patriot games, the mind games, the war games of an unelected president and his unelected vice president.

let us pray that our country will stop this war. "to promote the common defense" is one of the formational principles of america.

our congress gave the president the ability to respond to the tragedy of september 11. we licensed a response to those who helped bring the terror of september 11th. but we the people and our elected representatives must reserve the right to measure the response, to proportion the response, to challenge the response, and to correct the response.

because we did not authorize the invasion of iraq.

we did not authorize the invasion of iran.

we did not authorize the invasion of north korea.

we did not authorize the bombing of civilians in afghanistan.

we did not authorize permanent detainees in guantanamo bay.

we did not authorize the withdrawal from the geneva convention.

we did not authorize military tribunals suspending due process and habeas corpus.

we did not authorize assassination squads.

we did not authorize the resurrection of cointelpro.

we did not authorize the repeal of the bill of rights.

we did not authorize the revocation of the constitution.

we did not authorize national identity cards.

we did not authorize the eye of big brother to peer from cameras throughout our cities.

we did not authorize an eye for an eye.

nor did we ask that the blood of innocent people, who perished on september 11, be avenged with the blood of innocent villagers in afghanistan.

we did not authorize the administration to wage war anytime, anywhere,anyhow it pleases.

we did not authorize war without end.

we did not authorize a permanent war economy.

yet we are upon the threshold of a permanent war economy. the president has requested a $45.6 billion increase in military spending. all defense-related programs will cost close to $400 billion.

consider that the department of defense has never passed an independent audit.

consider that the inspector general has notified congress that the pentagon cannot properly account for $1.2 trillion in transactions.

consider that in recent years the dept. of defense could not match $22 billion worth of expenditures to the items it purchased, wrote off, as lost, billions of dollars worth of in-transit inventory and stored nearly $30 billion worth of spare parts it did not need.

yet the defense budget grows with more money for weapons systems to fight a cold war which ended, weapon systems in search of new enemies to create new wars. this has nothing to do with fighting terror.

this has everything to do with fueling a military industrial machine with the treasure of our nation, risking the future of our nation, risking democracy itself with the militarization of thought which follows the militarization of the budget.

let us pray for our children. our children deserve a world without end. not a war without end. our children deserve a world free of the terror of hunger, free of the terror of poor health care, free of the terror of homelessness, free of the terror of ignorance, free of the terror of hopelessness, free of the terror of policies which are committed to a world view which is not appropriate for the survival of a free people, not appropriate for the survival of democratic values, not appropriate for the survival of our nation, and not appropriate for the survival of the world.

let us pray that we have the courage and the will as a people and as a nation to shore ourselves up, to reclaim from the ruins of september 11th our democratic traditions.

let us declare our love for democracy. let us declare our intent for peace.

let us work to make nonviolence an organizing principle in our own society.

let us recommit ourselves to the slow and painstaking work of statecraft, which sees peace, not war as being inevitable.

let us work for a world where someday war becomes archaic.

that is the vision which the proposal to create a department of peace envisions. forty-three members of congress are now cosponsoring the legislation.

let us work for a world where nuclear disarmament is an imperative. that is why we must begin by insisting on the commitments of the abm treaty. that is why we must be steadfast for nonproliferation.

let us work for a world where america can lead the day in banning weapons of mass destruction not only from our land and sea and sky but from outer space itself. that is the vision of hr 3616: a universe free of fear. where we can look up at god's creation in the stars and imagine infinite wisdom, infinite peace, infinite possibilities, not infinite war, because we are taught that the kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.

let us pray that we have the courage to replace the images of death which haunt us, the layers of images of september 11th, faded into images of patriotism, spliced into images of military mobilization, jump-cut into images of our secular celebrations of the world series, new year's eve, the superbowl, the olympics, the strobic flashes which touch our deepest fears, let us replace those images with the work of human relations, reaching out to people, helping our own citizens here at home, lifting the plight of the poor everywhere.

that is the america which has the ability to rally the support of the world.

that is the america which stands not in pursuit of an axis of evil, but which is itself at the axis of hope and faith and peace and freedom. america, america. god shed grace on thee. crown thy good, america.

not with weapons of mass destruction. not with invocations of an axis of evil. not through breaking international treaties. not through establishing america as king of a unipolar world. crown thy good america. america, america. let us pray for our country. let us love our country. let us defend our country not only from the threats without but from the threats within.

crown thy good, america. crown thy good with brotherhood, and sisterhood. and crown thy good with compassion and restraint and forbearance and a commitment to peace, to democracy, to economic justice here at home and throughout the world.

crown thy good, america. crown thy good america. crown thy good.

thank you.

e-mail congressman kucinich: dkucinich @ aol.com

17 March 2002

hari kamis sampe hari minggu kemarin si aip bete aja... masalahnya mobil bekas yang baru dia beli got broke down dan mogok saat jemput neng di kantornya.. poor him......

kamis malam neng menelpon auto2000 untuk buat janji perbaikan hari sabtu, but it turned out that auto2000 menyediakan jasa derek 24 jam.. didereklah mobil itu ke auto2000...

sekian hari pemeriksaan di auto2000, kesimpulannya adalah... mobil needs perbaikan urgento, dan it cost 7 point 2 million rups.. holy smoke!.. wtf....

hari minggu aip dan neng menderek mobil keluar auto2000, masuk ke bengkel hasil referensi dealer di klender, dan dalam 4 jam everything is fine.. total cost is about 700 thousand rups....

about 10%... itu aja

man... you almost got robbed, ip... almost... :)

15 March 2002

i just checked my yahoomail, and shoe... some spammers just used my yahoo address for sending bulk junk p*rn*graphic email...

as a result, my mailbox is full of bounched emails... dan ngebayangin flame yang bakal didapat dari penerima mail, sigh... damn spammer...

12 March 2002

i enlisted in the u.s. army during the vietnam conflict because i believed the war was just and it was the duty of male citizens of democracies to perform military service in wartime.

thirty-five years later, white house tape recordings revealed that by 1967 democratic president lyndon johnson knew the war was lost, yet kept sending tens of thousands of american soldiers to their deaths because he had no better plan and feared the domestic political consequences of a pullout. johnson and robert mcnamara, his secretary of defence, persistently lied to and deceived americans... (eric margolis)

same thing happen with war against terror and bush?

click : war on terror masks bush's grand strategy
jakarta, love it or leave it...
si aip cengar cengir selagi kuliah.. ngomongin bnc cheapernet etc... inga' jaman dulu waktu di procon..

masa masa bahagia... apa masa masa terhina ya?.. hahahaha..

ngoprek infrastruktur menarik juga, walau kadang nyengir juga kalo ingat waktu si aip kudu nungging dua kali seminggu.. ngetrack lan hang mencari nbc siapakah yang kendur..

cepetan kek 4:30pm...


lama amat ya'?

11 March 2002

met pagiiiiiii, ndi.... :))))))

teriak si aip pagi pagi begini

dan si aip nyerocos cerita bahwa dia nggak nyangka bapak mertuanya fasih juga dalam bongkar membongkar mesin mobil... semalam dalam waktu satu jam, sang mertua sudah menunjukkan si aip cara membongkar busi, karburator, etc etc... dan membersihkannya..

penasaran juga gue, ndi... komputer bisa, mesin mobil harusnya gak susah buat bisanya dong ya....?

10 March 2002

nasa: "we spent $2.2 billion on 'it', and $110 million in 'it security',"... "i don't agree with someone who says you can buy security on the cheap. but i don't think you can buy your way out of insecurity."
in recent months, when bush administration officials talked about the implications of sept. 11 for long-term military policy, they have often focused on "homeland defense" and the need for an anti-missile shield. In truth, what has evolved since last year's terror attacks is an integrated, significantly expanded planning doctrine for nuclear wars.
more on :

06 March 2002

semalem si aip tidur jam 00:30am... dan ngantuk deh dia seharian ini...

04 March 2002

inge mo nikah.. hehehe... friday~night makin dikit nih yang single.. makin susah kumpul gak ya.. semoga aja nggak ya, ndi...

yahoogroups down lagi.. :( .. blah :P

yahoo groups hopeless plumber

03 March 2002

weekend yang menyenang.. diawali dengan jumat sore selepas jam kerja.. si aip membolos kuliah untuk mendjempoet neng sayang.. hehehe.. ;), dan kemudian mereka berdua naik taksi ke plaza indonesia untuk gatheringnya friday~night club..

(supir taksinya konyol, ndi.. kita naik dari pintu satu senayan ke plaza indonesia, masak dia nanya "beloknya dimana pak? nanti kasih tau ya...".. mukegile.. pintu satu ke bunderan ha-i kan jalanannye lurus-lurus aja.. baru dateng ke jakarte, bang? :)

01 March 2002

ndi, pagi ini ira ngirim email ini... pengalaman pribadi katanya..

dear all,
enggak ada salahnya cerita-cerita lewat email. lebih hemat dan tidak begitu menghabiskan waktu dengan ngobrol lewat telfon yang ujung2nya akan keliatan kalau kita enggak ada kerjaan… dengan ngetik email kan keliatannya kerja….padahaaaaaaallll……
cerita pagi ini berkisar mengenai perjalanan gue kemarin sore dengan trayek cideng - blok m, blok-m – bangka.
kalo udah menjelang sore, jalan-jalan tikus pun bisa kena macet…entah itu orang… pulang kerja, pulang jualan, pulang dari diskotik (??) pulang dari rumah temen, pulang dari rumah tetangga, pulang dari mall, jalan-jalan iseng, nyari gorengan, berangkat nyari duit, mungutin sampah, berantem sama kampung sebelah, ngerumpi sambil cari cemilan, nunggu dijemput pacar, nunggu angkutan umum….dan masih beribu-ribu kegiatan yang berlangsung hampir berbarengan di seluruh kota jakarta, sore menjelang malam. fenomena kesibukan terlihat dimana-mana, atau cuma mau dibilang sibuk?? enggak tau juga.
dari cideng gue naik angkot menuju jati baru, disebelah kanan gue ada dua orang ibu-ibu yang asik ngegosipin temen satu kantor dan satu orang perempuan muda yang mungkin sudah terlena dengan khayalannya sendiri…atau lagi mikir….”kapan ya gue gajian???”. di depan gue ada satu anak sekolah, lumayan ganteng, tapi kenapa penampilannya sudah tidak seperti selayaknya pelajar? heh.. apakah anak sekarang sudah segitu bebasnya meskipun di sekolah? apakah peraturannya tidak ada atau memang sudah tidak diperdulikan? sambil geleng-geleng kepala sendiri gue berfikir, mungkin zamannya udah beda…
disebelah cowok itu, ada tiga orang bapak-bapak, yang satu tampangnya lusuh dan yang lain tampangnnya garang. ada satu pemikiran yang terlintas dikepala gue, kasian bapak yang lusuh ini, pasti dia lagi bingung mikirin harga2 yang pada naik, eeiittss tapi serem juga ngeliat yang disebelahnya...tampangnya serem, pasti dia jahat.....atau bukan orang baik-baik...jangan-jangan preman tanah abang....
bbbuuuummmmm.....sampe ada kejadian,  ada ibu-ibu yang lumayan sudah berumur dompetnya disamber sama copet.... dan ternyata kedua orang bapak-bapak yang awalnya gue pikir adalah penjahat malah ngebantuin ibu itu untuk mendapatkan kembali dompetnya, dan menasehatinya untuk lebih hati-hati didaerah seperti ini.

ternyata, gue salah duga.... apakah sudah begitu terpolanya pikiran kita dengan yang namanya penampilan luar? bisa jadi penampilan memang menunjukkan bagaimana car├ícter seseorang, tapi entah teori itu yang salah atau memang dunia sekarang sudah terbalik? walau ada yang bilang “don’t judge the book by its cover”, apakah kata-kata itu dibuat untuk melawan “you are what you wear” ???
turun dari angkot, perjalanan diteruskan dengan bus kota p19 yang notabene jurusan tanah abang – lebak bulus (betull kan ya???) di bus, lagi-lagi gue melihat kehidupan kota besar yang menyebalkan walau kadang lucu. entah beruntung atau emang lagi sepi, gue dapet duduk dibangku ketiga dekat jendela sebelah kanan, aaah…posisi enak, lumayan lah menyenderkan kepala sebentar, mumpung macet…siapa tau bangun2 gue udah sampe blok m, tujuan gue ke dua sebelum sampai rumah….
kira-kira 15 menit dari gue berangkat, bus sudah mulai penuh, tiba-tiba ada ibu hamil yang naik sendirian. berhubung gue duduk disebelah dalam, lumayan repot juga untuk ngasih duduk ibu itu, terlebih lagi itu ibu masih ada di barisan depan…masa gue mau teriak-teriak…. baju kerja kantoran tapi manner seorang kenek bus kan enggak lucu…. akhirnya gue cuma bisa duduk diam sambil memperhatikan situasi, 10 menit berlalu, itu ibu masih ajah berdiri dan masih belum ada satu pun……..orang yang rela berdiri untuk kasih ibu itu duduk…!!! tega..!! bagaimana kalau istri mereka atau anak mereka atau ibu mereka atau salah satu dari keluarga mereka atau bahkan mereka sendiri yang di perlakukan seperti itu???
well, semua orang tampaknya sok sibuk atau pura-pura tidur, mungkin mereka pikir…”udah untung gue dapet duduk, mana macet banget lagi…. ngapain gue kasih orang duduk, yang ada nanti gue yang capek”. akhirnya, gue tidak lagi mengindahkan arti kata manner …..dan… “bu….ibu…itu yang hamil…sini bu duduk….!” sedikit teriakan kecil yang gue harap bisa membuat orang2 sekitar situ sadar….
bukan karena mau dibilang baik, atau mau nilai 9 untuk pmp (pelajaran moral penumpang)… tapi memang gue pikir, gue masih muda dan enggak lagi hamil atau sakit, ibu itu lebih perlu duduk di banding gue dan gimana kalau nanti gue hamil seperti ibu itu dan harus naik bus??? dengan muka lega, ibu itu nyamperin gue sambil tidak lupa, “makasih ya de…!” dan gue tersenyum tulus, gimana dengan orang-orang di bus itu???? cuma ngelirik dan buang muka lagi…. tapi keberuntungan memang berpihak pada yang baik…(cieeeehhh) lima menit gue berdiri tiba-tiba orang yang duduk tepat didepan gue turun, dan gue mendapatkan lagi kenikmatan untuk…. duduk…!!
sampe di blok m gue agak sedikit terlambat, karena macet, dan gue berharap temen-temen gue tidak keberatan menunggu lebih lama. biar cepet gue sedikit motong jalan lewat sebuah restoran siap saji…well…ini bukan Iklan… gue lewat mc'd.. di pintu masuk ada beberapa anak kecil (yang gue heran sampe jam segitu masih aja keluyuran malem2… enggak dicariin emak ya???) yang tanpa sadar mulutnya ternganga demi ngeliat orang-orang yang asik makan di dalam. yah maklum lah udah ujung bulan, kan udah ada yang gajian…boleh dong sekali-sekali makan enak diluar…
deg..!! disitu gue sempet mikir, dulu waktu gue kecil, biarpun tidak berlebihan tapi gue bisa makan lumayan enak. dari situ keliatan banget ya…kesenjangan sosial di masyarakat kita, ditambah lagi dibangunnya tempat2 hiburan baru yang harganya selangit hanya untuk memuaskan hasrat dan gengsi para pemilik uang.
apakah itu dinamakan “iri” ¿? atau lebih keberuntungan individual? berlaku kah hukum rimba, dimana yang kuat akan menang melawan yang lemah?
gue enggak tau, yang jelas seperti kata-kata teman dekat gue…”hidup itu keras!!”
pelajaran dari perjalanan (yang tampaknya biasa-biasa aja) yang bisa gue ambil adalah:
“jangan hanya melihat orang dari penampilan, tajamkan intuisi kita untuk bisa menilai seseorang dari apa yang tersirat dan bukan yang tersurat”
“perhatikan sekeliling kita, apa yang harus kita lakukan bukan hanya untuk orang lain tapi juga untuk diri kita sendiri”
“kehidupan itu keras dan penuh tantangan, hadapi itu dengan doa dan fikiran jernih”
“pelajari hal-hal kecil dalam kehidupan, siapa tau itu bisa menyingkirkan masalah besar dikemudian hari”
“hindari sistim aku.."

hari harinya ira seru juga ternyata.. hehe.. :)