26 May 2008

mimpi lama

cheap yet functional ERP for Indonesian Small & Micro Enterprises

mimpi lama karena sampe sekarang belum jadi jadi, dan proses bikinnya lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

chaiyo aja lah...

work interview

q: what's your weaknesses?

a: well.. sometimes, i have trouble accepting that i actually am flawless


23 May 2008

Ultah #2

Ultah Gaby #2 (3)
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she grows fast... replicating almost every new word she listens to..

hari ini ultah yang kedua ya dek... like i said, you grow fast... i feel it wont be long till you grow up more, and me and your ma will become the two things that you most dreaded... hehe... hope not..

keep growing, dear.. every living thing in this universe deserve that.. for us, especially you

21 May 2008

33rd birthday

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so i guess this is a crop of what went on my last birthday.. there was no celebration or something, but somehow my wife and our good friends came with a cake, woke me up from my sleep asked me to blow the candle...

my daughter was the one whom were excited seeing the cake.. she seemed couldn't wait to put her hands on the cake to taste it hehe

now seeing this picture.. i realize the icing on the cake that day was not the cake nor the candle.. it was her.. how my life changed by her..

with you having same blood type as mine.. with your many other characteristics which seems like a mirror onto my eyes, i feel like i know you.. feels like i understand what you are thinking...

your presence is the most precious present.. ever..

i love you, gaby...

hopefully you will forgive me for being a very far from perfect daddy i am...

uber menang lawan jerman

Uber 2008 #5
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a victory, albeit small.. enough to cure my loss of nationalism... :)