25 June 2001

di tengah-tengah ngelindurnya, aip memberikan secarik kertas ini ke penulis...

i miss her two times a day
and last time
so dearly i just push her number instinctively
and as we talked, as i heard her voice..
i knew the feeling wasn't there no more
what do i miss then, ndi?
or is it my own impression of her?
or the feeling itself that i really miss?

as usual, ip... you confuse me more than ever everytime you talk about your feelings... i cant comment on this one.
can i get back to you in this later, dude.. is that ok for you?..

well.. ok.... sahut aip, dan ia kemudian membalik bantal, dan pun meneruskan tidurnya...

quote for the day: first love never last

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