03 August 2001

last night aip went to pick up his order on converting a handycam tape neng gave him onto vcd... a simple task.. and considering aip gave the order to a proffesional, he didnt expect to find any hassle... but as usual, assumption tend to work contrary to any plan he has.... it turn out that the tape was recorded using a digital handycam..

holy shoe! are you telling --a proffesional on video converting doesnt have a digital handycam tape player?..

knowing that this so called proffesional takes order from many places in jakarta, then yesterday is becaming a not-so-so day for aip.. it's been a long time since he feels a digital divide.. and yesterday, aip felt like that... he wish to see the video, but it seems the device/infrastructure is not there...

"holy smoke.. apa mesti beli digital handycam sendiri?...." kata si aip ke penulis

"hmm... boleh juga tuh, ip... ntar gak cuma foto kaku ente aja yang ada di halaman coklat, ente senam pagi juga bisa ada disini.. hahahaha.. "

"lhaa.. bukannya itu bakal jadi musibah ndi buat elo?" komentar aip sambil ngakak... :)

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