15 September 2005

surprise party

after office hour, wawa called me, to go with neng to pizza hut scbd to accompany her dinner. i said ok, knowing neng would be ok too.

got there at around 1900, with only wawa sitting. i called dede and dede was still on senayan going to scbd. chat chat hihi haha for a while, till i founded out that lae was sitting on the other spot. i asked him to join.

while he and i chat chat hihi haha, ujug2 japra dateng. i said 'hellooo watta koinsidens?'... and while more chat chat haha went on, arlan dateng (plung!)

i started to feel very very wierd... what's going on??

turned out that neng arranged wawa, dede, babeh, mamah, ade, temen icph dan sjco untuk dateng ke pizza hut merayakan ulang tahun saya.

i feel surprised indefinitely.. it's been a very long long time ulang tahun saya 'dirayakan' rame2

anti-social + surprise-party = cango-manggo-guilty-feeling

not good.. not good..