28 September 2001

scene-writer, do you enjoy being the one who's writing my life? i hope you do, cos i really hope beyond how i am doing in this so-called-life, at least there's someone who can laugh at it. so at least i know i can bring something good to someone, even thou still i will never consider my so-called-life as a joke.

yo scene-writer, if you happen to listen to your character, then may i ask you something? ... i dont know how my character will end up like, and i'm not about to ask you that. but i do know that you wish my character's life to be good, as his consience is there. however, does it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, that i --as the one who do what's written on the scenario-- might not perform as i have to be to fulfill the scenario? if --just if-- somehow you find out that i --as the one who must do what's written-- can not accomplish the task given, could you please please cut the show? you could end my breath. hey, i'd rather have you kill my character.. but just let me do one last thing right. be it will be big, or small. just make sure it’s right. i'd rather be remembered as a martyr, than being a loser...

hey.. i'm just da writer, ip.. cuma nulis aja... yang punya skenario sih bukan gua

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