27 December 2001

i just got stumbled with some excellent stuff in here... a free mp3 player for my diamond mako.. (yeeeehaaaa!!! akhirnya *:)

.... dan walau prosesnya repod dan cumbersome, tapi at least finally we can bring chicane-halcyon.mp3 on da move now...

"define repod dan cumbersome, ip" pinta si andi

yep.. repod. karena halcyon.mp3 itu 9 mega bytes...dan total ram mako cuma 16mb... so the size have no other way but down down down... and no wonder it has 9 mb of size... its 320kbps bit rate, stereo.... mesti dikecilin dong ya....

so there goes winamp (as a free mp3 to wav decoder :), trus setelah jadi wav, this little fella bladeenc a free mp3 encoder, convert da wav back to an mp3.. a smaller one..

in the end, i got the halcyon.mp3 with 56kbps bitrate, 32khz, 8 bit and mono channel.. with the size of 3.6mb... hm hm hm.... :))))

"well ndi, aint the free net great or what? :)"

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