10 November 2003

talk about spam (from /.), now one vendor tried to spam user using their router... the router will route one http call for every 8 hours to a page on the vendor's web server.. unless, the user click 'no thanks' on that page once every router hard reset...

talk about buying something and getting a service it not suppose to have.. and its an annoying feature also

waiter: "hi, i'll be your waiter tonight."
customer: "great! i'd like a cup of the soup please."

[waiter takes out a hammer, thwaps customer on skull]

customer: "wtf was that for?"

waiter: "sir, i'll stop thwapping you on the head as soon as you tell me to stop."

customer: "why the hell would i have to tell you to stop?"

[waiter thwaps customer once more]

customer: "god dammit!"

waiter: "just say 'stop,' sir, and this will all be over..."

(and later when the waiter gets hard-reset, the customer would have to wear a helmet... repeat ad infinitum :)

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