18 November 2001

aip was sick since friday, but he was stubbornly denied every request to see a doctor... until he is convinced he needs to get rid of the damn cough..

the doctor gave him some medicine. and by the time aip learned that the cough syrup is being added with certain powder, he knows days to come will be full of bitter taste.

"can i keep fasting while i am drinking this medicine, doc?" ask aip to the doc

"off course, just drink it when you break the fasting, when you are ready to sleep, and when you eat in the early morning..." answer the doc

sounds easy to do until aip realize the medicine he drink when he break the fasting will instantly put him to sleep till the morning..

"sigh.. so much for a drinking schedule, ndi"

quote for the day: a problem worthy of attack, proves its worth by fighting back (piet hein)

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