10 November 2001

earthdate 111101, ... and think about the world is facing disaster as population booms, i think to be able to survive the next century i have two options. one, is to move to a developed country.. in europe maybe.. to be able to get higher to the top of the food chain... or two, go uphill... be out of the food chain in the first place.. ---well... i still think this world is a zoo, and we all are not on the visitor side..

and talk about zoo, ini satu monyet abusive : "i wish to declare that if america used chemical and nuclear weapons against us, then we may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons."

selain abusive, kayaknya dia retard juga...

dan satu monyet pro-terorisme.. "for every regime that sponsors terror, there is a price to be paid and it will be paid'' ..

wtc.. that's the price for your regime, you blind hedonic moron..

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