20 February 2002

hari yang geblek at work ini hari, ndi

"why" you might ask..

one task given to me by jurangan, requires me to create an apps that have an access to 'da sql server'.. a task which should've been easy, except for none of my co-workers would give me the script to do just that.. aint that stu or what, ndi?

"poor you, ip" said andi with a trying-to-be-sympathetic face :)

no worry, ndi.. 10 minutes exploring the intranet, 5 minutes searching on google and another 5 minutes examining this stuff, voila!... not only the script got revealed, but system administrator password for 'da sql server' also shown easily..

so ndi, tell me, aint these bunch of it people just plain stu or what?

"nyengir aja lah, ip.. dan abis itu makan siang... that's the most appropriate thing to do right now.. hehe.."

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