26 February 2002

i like money.. its not everything, but surely money can make life a bit easier (a bit easier, and possibly a lot hell more complicated.. hehehe)... punya duit memang enak.. ya nggak, ndi?... apalagi boleh ngutang.. hehehehe... }8) ... that's why gue selama ini insist untuk tetap keep dua kartu kredit.. one for regular billing, and one other for 'rainy days'...

but i have to admit it, ndi... i'm not a discipline person... i tend to use those card to cash, but i often pay the bill late.. late charges is almost always there on the credit statement... i guess those banks love me because of it.. heheheh :P ...

and today, after i wrecked one of my card (because it failed me the day i need it the most.. i simply folded it into four, render it unusable), they just simply send me a new one..

darn, ndi.. the new one is on front of me right now... somehow i feel like being destined to be a good spender... kekekeh x")

seriously, i wish to keep this card after all.. but on neng's purse aja deh... much much safer for my saving account.. hahahahaha

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