16 April 2002

washington--microsoft will call advanced micro devices ceo jerry sanders as its first witness tuesday as the company's antitrust remedy hearing begins its second phase.

sanders, in written testimony submitted before his scheduled appearance, said that the litigating states' proposed remedy of requiring microsoft to sell a stripped-down version of windows "would have harmful effects on amd, the computer industry as whole, the u.s. economy and consumers worldwide."

sanders said microsoft chairman bill gates asked him to testify and that he agreed out of concern over the remedy proposal. he faulted the remedy provision of the litigating states, which would compel microsoft to release a second version of windows without so-called middleware, such as browsing and media playback technologies.

the proposal, he argued, could lead to the fragmentation of windows and "would set the computer industry back almost 20 years."

more on http://news.com.com/2100-1001-883701.html

lha.. amd kok gini?

mungkin kalo stripped windows version di-release, most of the bang-and-whistle useless-feature will be gone... and to run an xp just fine all you need may be is only an amd 400mhz... and that will hurt sanders...

darn... capitalism at work....

beralih ke crusoe, anyone?

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