21 April 2003

after a possible move to syria has been condemned, it looks like u.s. is still agressive on north korea.... it is indeed true that north korea may have wmd (weapon of mass destruction)... the word is still may, while it is ironic that wmd facilities on israel is barely noticed by public knowledge..

and talk about democracy in iraq, what if this democracy would result that u.s. will be asked by the iraqis to leave iraq... will they go?

nice propaganda poster, dude :)

one whisper from d hush-hush department said, some multi-millions dollars has been promised to pour to aceh should aceh could get its independence from indonesia... these million dollars would directly be invested on natural-resource processing sector. for one factory in this sector, the amount could reach from ten to hundred mills... [while the money is not that big for a company within that sector, the amount surely will boost d capability for generating products, thus support d ability for aceh to grow as a natural resource producer] the interesting part is that, the money would come not from europe, uk, nor us.. but from one middle east country with a history as a place for g.a.m. military training some years ago...

imho, that figures why birokrat aceh saat ini ribut soal 'apa perlu orang aceh jadi anak nakal dahulu untuk bisa mendapatkan bagian dana apbn yang lebih besar?'... imho lagi, the core to aceh is about money.. or in a more noble way to say it, its about economic fairness between aceh and jakarta..

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