15 January 2004

hosting disabled

my web hosting provider has just disabled access to my web mail and control panel, so i dunno whether the ftp access is disabled too (therefore this posting may or may not be posted on d halaman coklat)..

if i may to rant, the stupidity is on their side... their billing statement had stop coming for months.. when the billing was first ceased to come, i've ask them thru email asking about my billing details (the outstanding amount, payment due date etc).. no response... send them email again.. and still no response... [at one point i tought the company was simply out of business.. or having screw-ups on their management]

till early this month, on 6th, they sent an invoice... i guess they expect me to pay them asap cos it is just 10 days now and i'm planning to send them the money on the 26th. they just disabled my access... jeez, gimme a break...

the heck, i'm the customer.. i'm giving them, and in this capitalist world that makes me deserve to be heard.. or i just simply give my money onto someone else's pocket.. huh.. [i guess now i can see singcat.com to be a much cheaper webhosting provider while providing more features]

enough rant... i'll just send a complaint email to their billing officer...

update: ftp access is disabled too, so i guess this post will not shows on my web site.. ahh, crap

update part zwoi: "rekan support kami akan segera mengaktifkan account anda"... let see if this works...

update part drei: ftp is back on again now.. finally

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