05 October 2001

"hore hore weekend.. kalo hari itu ibarat make sepatu, jumat itu hari sepatu dibuka terus kakinya direndem di air dingin.. segerr..hehehehe.. " ujar si aip tanpa ditanya di depan andi

ngeliat-liat arsip ketikan-ketikan elo, gue nemu ini, ip...

    listen to my heart
    forever sad
    waiting for the moon
    behind the coulds, it glooms

    beneath the waves; silence
    a heart in vain; return
    how many more journey this way
    how far to go, heart cannot say

    had passed the storm
    whom take all the warm
    my steps are here
    had reached the pier

    it's dawn; the sky is brown
    my legs are tired, the shoes out worn
    all I am, a wanderer with a promise
    all I have, a warm heart to miss

    looking at the sky
    the moon still shy
    it is home, heart say
    it is far, away

    and then the sun give me the light
    it is my night, the moon is bright
    close your eyes, if you can't see
    hear the silence, there is me

      timeless journey
      is it really?
      just touch your heart
      there lays the key
      hold still, hold will
      the sorrow shall go
      as yesterday so

lo tulis itu dua taun lalu ya ip?
"err.. yep!" sahut si aip
kesannya blue gitu sih?
"err.. emang lagi blue kali?!" sahut si aip lagi
so how are you nowadays, ip?
"err.. me?... pertanyaan mah disimpen buat weekdays aja, ndi.. weekend itu waktu buat nggak mikir... hehehehe" sahut si aip sambil ketawa.. terus ngeloyor dia sambil bersenandung kecil...
    i close my eyes.. getting ready to fly..
    i spread my wings.. like a bird in the sky..

dunia lo lagi terbalik ya ip?
"lho terbalik, ndi.. dua tahun lalu itu yang malah terbalik..gitu... comprehende, amigo?"

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