06 October 2001

"that's it!!!.. i'm guilty all right.. neng sayang, nggak kuat nih buat nggak beli benda mp3 ini.. got that for $127 from $155 there.. in jkt it would cost about $300 something without accessories.. and with the accessories like i ordered, it would cost about $400 in here... the lovely thing has 32mb onboard memory.. and --darn.. cant resist also to upgrade that 32mb to 160mb using this memory card.. darn. it cost about $185(+20% tax) in jkt, while it is only cost $67 with shipment included there... darn... yeah, i'm guilty all right, neng... please forgive me ya for being an extravagant geek... even thou deep inside my pocket i am drop dead broke..."

so do you still like being a geek, ip?

"err... i dunno.. i like those cool stuffs.. but they are seldom come cheap..."

quote for the day: err... sowweeeeey...

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