20 June 2002

"orthodox judaism is split on the question of occupying the west bank (which they refer to as judea and samaria). some even opposed the establishment of the state of israel on the grounds that it was necessary for the messiah to appear first. others believe that the messiah will only appear after all of biblical israel is occupied by jews. (they also believe the messiah is waiting for them to rebuild the temple, which is deemed to be on the site of the dome of the rock.) a typical statement is one made by a west bank settler to bill moyers (4/5/02): 'this land belongs to us. and there is proof all through the bible'.." (more)

a quote from there: "the settlers and the terrorists need each other, but who needs them"... so israelis are the settler, and the palestinians are the terrorist.... hmmm.. what happened to the the occupiers and the occupied here?

i remember words said by a character on thin red line, played by sean penn.. he saved another soldier's life, but refuse the possibility of receiving a silver medal.. his words "...(war) is all about property..."

mannn.. in the end of this short life, what we'll have for the next life, in the very end is nill!.. null.. zip.. nadaaa... a'ah.. none... as someone said, we'll only bring our own good deeds, and left memories to the love ones.. ["are you preaching, ndi?.. are you preaching, you gringo-bastardo-penjahato?... stop it, will you!.." teriak si aip]

ok, ip... but still..

in the mean time, this comic strip gives a faint but clear shout..."we are all palestinian!"

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