23 July 2002

and i'd give up forever to touch you
'cause i know that you feel me somehow
you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be
and i don't want to go home right now
and all i can taste is this moment
and all i can breathe is your life
'cause sooner or later it's over
i just don't want to miss you tonight
                      (goo goo dolls - iris)

ost dari 'city of angel'... salah satu personal fav film so far...

guess apa lagi salah satu isi itu personal fav film folder, ndi?...

*hik hik*.. 'sleepless in seattle'.. hehehehehhe... kayaknya niat gue jadi preman nggak bakal pernah kesampean nih.. selama film itu masih masuk kategori itu... x)

ngomong soal sleepless, gimana ya rasanya jadi homeless, even for a week.. bacaan bagus... didapat dari firda/blog-wannabe...

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