12 June 2003

yah ndi... baru sekian hari sedikit bebas dari kekangan si administraitor soal black list di proxy, ngaco lagi dia pagi ini.. akses gue diturunin dari admin lokal ke user lokal.. watta****!... dampaknya aplikasi homesite trial yang gue install jadi nggak jalan [unable to create registry keys], pda jadi gak bisa hotsync ke outlook [unable to load sync component], gak bisa akses drive c: [access denied], gak bisa install software trial lagi [not enough priviledge to perform this action].. shoo.. paranoid banget sih para domain admin ini? :(

in many ways, i've been in their position before, ip.. waktu dulu ngeassist setup windows nt 4.0 workstation sekian biji di pijlw, ngemanaje nat-router sama file server di iam, bikin network buat warnet... i can understand why they are doing it [i can even understand when sometimes they are overdoing it]

i know.. but what still bothers me is that they dont even inform me for doing that... moreover asking my opinion for that.... still, thank god mr. gates created runas.exe... if you catch my drift, ndi... ;)

hey... i know what you're thinking!.. so stop it you shameless ungratefull domain user!!!

*kla klik kla*... the sound of si aip clicking d keyboard overrided my voice...

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