23 May 2002

email melayang di icph dari si opeak :

urgently required.. satu perusahaan information technology consultant multi-nasional (a.k.a kantor si opeak) memboetoehkan....

application developer

role description / job description : the application developer is responsible for the implementation of the application and translates requirements to specifications. the application developer writes technical specifications, codes the program according to standards and quality assurance rules, tests the program, communicates to team members, functional consultants and/or key-users, takes security into account and makes estimations. the application developer is able to understand user requirements and the overall business concept. he/she can give an overview of the functionality that has to be build, is aware of the technical limitations and knows which development tools to use.

responsibilities : writing technical specifications, designing and developing the technical model, develop according to functional and technical specifications, formulation of conceptual and technical data models according to applicable business processes, develop according to standards and qa rules, communication with team members, architects, functional consultants and/or key-users, communication with quality assurance leader about requirements and testing scenario's, formulate overview/list of development work, compatibility between the functional and technical design, well performing code, testing of own code, testing of the whole application, informing project and team members of relevant issues, designing the database-access, developing common database-access logic according to the functional and technical specification, responsible for the overall application performance, deployment of applications

tasks / activities : estimate development time/effort required --based on functional/technical specifications, write technical specification, code program, add documentation in code and in specification, testing of code, ensure the overall security within the program, communicate to development team leader --team and project members and/or key-users, maintain issue lists and work lists, integrate business rules with code, write common database-access logic, create and refine conceptual and technical data models, validate conceptual and technical data models, identify access and concurrency requirements, design distributed model, write technical documentation, knowledge transfer to team members, responsible for the overall performance

requirements : cxpertise / technical knowledge, knowledge of programming language(s), development environment(s) and development tool, knowledge of programming concepts and component based development, knowledge of distributed computing and computing platforms, knowledge of messaging standards, knowledge of normalization rules and processes, knowledge of alternative concurrency control methods and locking mechanisms, knowledge of programming language(s), development tools, methods and modeling, analysis and problem solving skills, ability to evaluate alternatives in code implementation and make decisions, ability to identify, troubleshoot, and correct malfunctions/failures, ability to transform logical model into technical model, ability to relate database usability and user requirements to object development, ability to define attributes and align to entities, ability to analyze alternatives, consider trade-offs, and make decisions, ability to plan an adequate distributed model, ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts, ability to translate client/user requirements into data model, ability to translate client/user requirements into functional/technical specifications

management skills : ability to plan adequately, ability to train/coach junior staff, time management skills, commercial skills, ability to identify business opportunities, (inter-)personal skills, ability to interact and communicate effectively with project and team members and/or key users, customer facing and presentation skills, good verbal communication skills combined with the ability to listen, positive attitude; self-motivated with a desire to learn, ability to communicate alternatives and decisions, the ability to work in diversified teams, strong spirit of collegiality --a dedication to client collaboration and teamwork,

knowledge areas : the application developer has a very in depth, applied knowledge of various areas in application development. this in depth knowledge is based on the java/oracle development platform.

key items : knowledge of graphical user interface design and platforms, knowledge of application security requirements, standards and policies, knowledge of requirements regarding exchange of data and access issues, knowledge of application support and development processes, knowledge of performance metrics development and documentation procedures, knowledge of distributed computing and computing platforms, knowledge of debugging tools, unit testing procedures --and iteration design processes, knowledge of software quality assurance practices, knowledge of technical design --construction --and testing phases, knowledge of grammar --readability --and usability standards for consistent design, knowledge of programming languages --tools and techniques, knowledge of version and revision control practices and procedures, knowledge of customer security requirements, knowledge of requirements regarding exchange of data and access issues, knowledge of security standards and policies, knowledge of security requirements as they apply to program development, knowledge of application security limitations and capabilities, knowledge of application security issues, knowledge of Web and other site security management tools

qualifications degree : none, yr exp: 1, job location : jakarta
monthly salary range : negotiable
job type : full time, permanent and contract

please submit your resume to : srib@id.[disetip].com

hehehehe... holy cow!.. ajaib juga job descnya...

let see.. programmer? iya... system analyst? iya.. business analyst? ya juga... project leader? ya... project manager? ada juga di job descnya... dba? iya... quality assurance? iya... technical writer? iya lagi... and deploy juga? so it specialist juga iya.. that's a whole it team capability, damn it!... well, no wonder subject emailnya dicari: superman! :) .,. cynical opeak lagi in action...

all of those skill for how much a month? 2mil? 3? 4? 5?.. no way...

when there is someone who is capable of doing those thing (as if such it superman exist :), in my opinion, they have to be shelves at least 9.... most probably 13.... tapi dimana juga bisa nemu those skill di it person (a.k.a buruh terdidik) yang cuma punya experience for one f*cking year?.. har har har... that ad is laughable.. and entertaning too... thx peak, emailnya...

dan ada masukan dari fajar, ndi... sebagai engineer di tempat dia (satu it consultant specializing ke banking), yang dibutuhin bukan superman.. tapi insomniac technician... karena hampir tiap malam begadang..

dunia it memang moy..

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