07 May 2001

hari masih jam 11 pagi, si arip sudah memberikan ini ke saya:

when i woke up 5.00am, i tought this is going to be a plain bleak morning. but no, probably god wouldn't let me have it.
i took a new bus, ac133. just for curiosity sake i guess. cos if i was following logic, most probably i would be late for work.. hehe.. and the logic is right euy... i was late... 25 minutes.. :)

even not all are the bus route's mistake thou.. there was an accident on the toll road. i took a glimps as the bus went thru. a truck got totally smacked in the head. what a disgusting view. i wonder about the driver... oh man

not those things make this morning not another bleak one.. the thing that change it is tammy's mail.. i boot up my pc.. and wait (((krrr.. win2k is a schmuck.. pret!))) ... and poink!.. incoming mails... that one grab my eyes.. "subject: ringaaaan, rief".. at that point, i havent read the message, but how glad was i when i read that subject..

"gue udah tau...gue udah nemuin lingkaran gue sendiri."
how does it feel when you know you are a true friend.. how, dude?.. all i know i feel good... there is a warm feeling inside my chest.

ok deh rip.. be a man you are. be one. be you. be!

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