18 May 2001

si arip memberikan coretan ini hari ini :

what a foggy day today is... every morning when my bus goes along the toll road, everytime it went up on Tomang overpass, i always look east, to the center section of Jakarta, looking at the skyscraper. .. and today, i couldn't all building i usually see. i could see my own building.. gosh, what a fog (or smog.. hopefully not)

i read some chapters on 'zoroaster', a book by nietzsche. i haven't read any of nietzsche's before. and what i felt when i read it is... amazed and shocked.. why?.. because (1) i feel the depth of his thought in almost every sentences he wrote. comprehensing his paragraph give me more nuance of his thinking (and some extra headache, if that counts :) (2) i salute his way of telling his ideas. he choose a hard way on sharing his tought. sentence like "flourish your madness, to keep your wisdom" makes me think he is 'radicalous'.. and somehow, i feel there are at least some similarities of him in me.. or of me in him.. and i tought ones who use that way are rare, and well hidden attitude that is.. but nope.. nietzsche made it.. he can spit the tought out and being recognize for it...

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