26 May 2001

tammy sent aip sms. dia cerita that one of her student passed away suddenly today. she told aip how that remind her of how short this life is. how things can be easily revoked from you.

for aip himself, in life most perhaps he shouldn't rely or depend on anything. shouldn't make rigid plans, plans which has few alternatives. as in the very end, what counts is not what he had in life, but how he live and what things he did in life.

well.. this could be a lonely saturday afternoon for me. but hey, aip himself is fine by that, so why can't i?

talk about plans, aip had an interview with one large telecommunication-infrastructure vendor couple days ago. he was offered to take part as an sap business analyst, with three specialization options : sales support, edi interconnection, or ebusiness strategy. aip was considering on taking the latest one. hopefully things will go as he want it to. (even thou as an amateur stoic, he might preparing him self for many other possibilities)...

good luck...

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