09 July 2001

episode #9794

perhaps aip is destined of being melancholic today... he gave me a note... this note..

regret kills, andi

it was a long long time ago
she is a person i knew
cos we clicked
so young
but yet we did

the fun was there
but as cosmos is a rival
but also a partner to chaos
we got separated
i lived my own world...
and i guess so were her
we keep each other a part
but yet i feel our eyes talk
everytime we met

we dont speak...
but yet i know how she was doing
and still, as i grew
i kept the feeling only to myself

and so years gone by
years of separation in my point of view
and i still think about her
in silence

and by some time
i thought she must have forgotten...
about me.. about the young years..
so in my eyes, she is a friend..
an old friend

life is full of mystery if i dare to guess
we just dont know how fate works, dont we?
if the separation is a sea
and i've been living in my own island (and so was she)
then a bridge must have come to connect our islands

our universe collide
just a little
but enough to for us to exchange words...
and then we talked
we talk like friends...
and i guess indeed still good friends we are

one things leads to another...
and now i realize that i didnt know a thing
about someone else's feeling
i assume it was only me who has one
and time proven of how wrong i was

see, ndi... all this time
i never have the guts to say a thing
until her words come out
and that mistake leads to a waste of time...
and now to think of it, what a huge loss that is...

so now, i wont assume no more...
from now on, i'll follow my heart
cos at least i know
in the future i wont have any regrets

life is full of mystery, i must agree with you, ip. and life is no more mystery to me than it is to you...

but what else can you do, ip?.. i think you must accept those mistake as part of your growth... you wouldnt be here if that mistake was never exist in the first place, dont you agree?

sometimes, time and fate could give ones a second chance... so shine a bit, will you?... have you ever consider yourself of how lucky you are to have that chance..

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