22 July 2001

sometimes life is confusing. at one time you feel great.. a sec later you feel slump.. heck..

life is ...   [a] just a dream.. naaaaaaaahhh....! :)   [b] the period from birth to death ?-o   [c] the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual #-(   [d] one mess after another :(   [e] fun! :D

pilih mana?

kok jadi nggak stabil gini sih lo, ip... see no evil, hear no evil aja laaaah... banyak-banyak kontemplasi sonooooo... jangan lo mikir macem-macem... c'mon grasshopper.. you have plenty of negative energy needs to be purged.... ini ada lirik bagus nih...

born free... as free as the wind blows
as free as the grass grow
born free to follow your heart...

dah.. met merenung deh, grasshopper... :)

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